040112 / Dual Event ;)

7:26 PM

April 01, 2012. You know what day it is right?
And also.. it's Palm Sunday! Yay! Holy week is coming.
(Okay. I know, I know. Wrong placement of apostrophe)

So, woke up early because we attended mass at St. Joseph @11:30. And then went to Southway to canvas for camera. I think mom's gonna buy High Definition Camera. Omg, Omg! :3 Looking forward on that stuff. Mwahahaha! I'm so excited. Okay. After that, we bought some shades on Eye Crafter. I also saw Jamir and his friend there at Southway. After that.. Me and moi familia ate at Chowking. :3 Then also saw Sir Mac there. Then go home. :)

Bona Petit! :)~
Le Numbers. 58 and 69 :)
 Le 69. Mom told my dad that he got rude number. And i'm thinking like (Le mother = Le green minded) >:)))
 Le Pork Chowfan :3
 Le Shanghai and Ketchup. It should be 6. Noticed that one was already on my plate :) Also, Le Ketchup = Le delicious :)~
 And this.. I don't know what this food is called. But I ate it. Wala siyang lasa aside sa toyo kung san siya nakababad. :)))

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