Sixteen Candles

2:47 AM

This is me being random again, I also noticed that I’ve been silent for quite some time now. Don’t you think so? I would like to share that this past few days/week I’ve been spending my nights by watching movies maybe 2 to 3. Yes. I found that it really helps me lessen my depression and increases my happy genes. Lol!

So earlier this evening, I’ve watched 2 movies. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 and Sixteen Candles. These movies are quite opposite to one another. First thing’s first: the first one is animated and was produced maybe I think around year 2012 or 2013, then the second movie isn’t animated and I think was produced during the 80’s.

I’d like to share something about Sixteen Candles. This movie really made me remember about my crush. While watching the movie, I really remembered myself during the days that my crush is still studying at our university. I remembered the times where I'm stalking him cause seeing him makes me happy and I remembered being hopelessly romantic thinking that one day he would notice me like the story of this movie. Well, I hope it does. So there. I said it. I just feel like sharing my thoughts on this movie. 

PS: Matt Schoeffing is really handsome. Damn hotness! Damn such a beautiful guy! I say that you should definitely watch this movie!

Thanks for reading! I can also share some of the good movies to watch! :D


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