Spontaneity at its Best

10:24 PM

Who would have thought that this January 16, 2015 is going to be awesome? Who would have thought that Friday night is going to be full of spontaneity and laughter? This is my Friday story.

Friday. Finally, the last day of my examination. No more studying, no more cramming! Atlast! Actually, I was like an hour late on my exam (ha, badass joke!) the exam sched is at 7:30 and I arrived at almost 8:30 and the exam finished at 9:30. I immediately went home after taking the exam since I have nothing else to do at school plus my friends aren’t there. So, what’s the point of staying there, right? 

When I got home, I rest a bit and waited for Louise to come so that we will go to school together. The first thing we did was we chilled at my sister’s room first and played with Lulu (our cat pet) then put a little make up just to get rid of that haggardness and we’re good to go.

Since Aaliyah and Cristialyn was at the Chinito’s, we went there directly instead of school. Liyah’s food was so inviting that made Louise and I buy Beef Tapa with Curry seasonings on the rice. Then Cristialyn left for her exam, then Alyana came and then Sam. Then we left Chinito’s and went to school. While Aaliyah is having her meeting de avanze, Louise, Sam and I went to Mindpro for window shopping. Then we waited for Aaliyah :) It was so fun that we bumped with Cristialyn again and the lovers; Krizel and Mud. After that, SPONTANEITY STARTS.

They were like “Let’s go to Paso” (Paso tayo) and we were like “Go” they asked me “How will you go home?” (Paano ka uuwi?) I was like “I don’t know, I’ll find ways” (Ewan, basta makauwi lang yan ako) So, spontaneity starts. We went to Pasonanca by riding a jeepney, ate streetfoods, strolled (walked) at the garden and spent time taking photos then we bump to Floyd and Celine. Then Aaliyah and Alyana (and their partners) went home. After that, some ate balot and we spent another laughing moments. Then we walked going to Cristialyn’s house. That’s the best part of the night. We laughed and laughed and laughed that my pee-bag almost burst and that, I almost rolled on the road.

In the end, my parents got mad because of bothering them to fetch me and etc. but yeah, I didn’t regret any single thing I’ve done tonight. Tonight is one of the best nights of my life! A night filled with spontaneity and laughter? (and not to mention my pee-bag almost burst a thousand times tonight) Gosh. I wouldn't regret a night like that.

Thank you Ping, Sam, Cristialyn, Kheyzi, Mud, Hanna, Zac, Floyd, Celine, Aaliyah, Alyana, Kevin, Al, Fhai and Manong Guard for making this night a night filled with laughter.


- X O X O -

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