My High School Love

11:27 PM

I started the day by lying to my mother that I have an exam today for me to be able to go out of the house cause if not, there’s no way I am able to date with these sisters of mine. And because I told her I am going to take an exam, I left the house wearing my school uniform and a pair of navy blue with gold sparkling stuff doll shoes (hashtag: badass) haha!

So, went to school first while waiting for them. It’s actually the best thing I did that day, I went to school. Why? Well of course, I arrived at school at the perfect timing and that’s why crushie and I crossed each other’s path. (Woah, how deep is that? Haha!) The thing is, whenever I see him, I can’t look at him straight in the eye but I really want the two of us to meet each other’s gaze :/ Yeah, as if that’s gonna happen, he won’t even look at me. *shrugs. That’s life.

Back to the story.. After minutes of waiting, finally, Xandy texted me that she’s at the school gate. LIFE SAVER! Cause I’m not really used to being alone at school. It’s just so uncomfortable. Okay then we went together to the mall. Then I changed clothes (remember I wore uniform?) then we directly went to the cinemas to catch the first show of “Love, Rosie” and yep, four thumbs for the movie! And yeah, Fatima arrived late. She arrived right after the best scene/part of the movie. 

After watching the movie, we went to Bistro Fellini to have our idk if it was our Brunch or lunch-merienda since its already 2:00 PM. It was Fatima’s treat by the way. Thanks Bebs! <3 Good news is that another member came! Hanna made it to Fellini! :D

We had Special Spicy Beef Pizza and Seafood Marinara

We stayed there until 4:00-ish? We just talk and talk and laugh and talk. That’s what we always do. Then finally we decided to leave since Hanna had an exam at 5:30 and also, we are going to see and fetch Floydie at school since his exam was done by that time.

We waved goodbye to Hanna and said hello to Floyd. We talk and shared laughter for a moment at the school gate then we went to Face and Fab salon for inquiry about hair dye fee. (char! “fee”?! hahaha) After that, us four walked from Face & Fab to Infinitea. I think walking is the best way to bond rather than ride tricycle. We have more time to talk, agree?

When we got there, well, we exchanged stories of our life. Of what happened the past few days, weeks, months. It’s like an update to the group of how are we and how life and the people around us are was.

That's my Tuesdate.

- X O X O -

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