A Beautiful Province

1:07 PM

Its been a while since the last time I did blog work. Sadly, my grandmother died last May 4 and its really heartbreaking. The family is filled with sadness and tears. My lola's wake on St. Peter Chapel lasted for four (4) days and on the fifth day (May 10, Saturday) we went home to Liloy for my lola's internment. 
When we reached our destination, all memories came back. My happy summer childhood memories with my parents, sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts, and my lola. It was one of my favorite memories of my life. That's why, I took lots of photos since I don't know when will we be back on that place again and started reminiscing (muni-muni) by the sea shore.
 Liloy is such a beautiful place. I missed it already and I'm going to miss it more. I will surely miss my lola and her house which is a few steps away from the beach. Before I met Dakak & Sta. Cruz Island, the Lamao beach was my favorite.
What happened was really sad. It made me realize that the family had a mini-reunion but sadly because of our lola's death. I am praying that my lola is in a good place where she's happy and she can finally rest with my lolo and our with our Lord God.


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