Stay Teal

12:03 AM


Finally wore the white tights! I've been planning to wear this ever since I bought it but I found it hard since there are lots of circumstances that wearing this tights isn't appropriate or doesn't fit the situation. Hahaha! So finally now, I've finally wore it! I'm a dare devil! I looked something long and girly in my closet and luckily found this teal blouse that I never wore outdoors before.

To complete the white and teal color scheme for today, matched it with teal flats and white vest. Its a necessity to wear a cover up because I can't go to mass wearing super thin strap blouse. I did not wear cardigan because we don't have any nice and formal that matches the look, plus I didn't wear blazer because I don't want to look super formal. Also, the blazer don't match the shoes.

vest - penshoppe / shoes - solemate / armcandy - forme / sunnies - Sunnies

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