The Super College Students

6:29 PM

“We’re Bullet Proof nothing to lose. Fire away! Fire away.”

When I got home from school, majority of the status and posts I’ve read on my Facebook feed are of my schoolmates complain regarding “Why are our classes not suspended?” I’ve even read some sarcastic posts saying we’re “Bullet Proof” some even posted a lyric inspired of a famous song ‘Titanium’ “We’re Bullet Proof nothing to lose. Fire away! Fire away.”

I am one of these students who felt bad about not having our classes suspended. I can understand the suspension of classes of Grade school and High school but in all colleges, it is said that we are the only college who are still having its classes. It’s kind of unfair and this kinds of make the students think like, “Wow, we’re bullet proof.”

But my Psychology professor shared something to us about this Red Alert stuff. Grade school classes were suspended because the parents are getting their children. High school classes were suspended because the parents are worried about their children too. College classes WERE NOT suspended because it is believed (by our prof) that we [students] are more safe inside the campus rather than outside. I kind of understand the idea. But, does that made us orphans?! Hello, we have parents too that worried about us.

 Of course there is 0% probability that anytime we would just hear some gun shots and explosions. Of course there’s no possibility that maybe there are already armed forces people who are somewhere in the city and might just kidnapped students. Of course Zamboanguenos do not think that what happened in 2013 might not happen again. Of course. Some students [like me] still don’t understand the point why are our classes not called off? Some just laughed it off and told about “Quality Education.”

I even joked and posted on one of my social networking account captioned: “Whenever there comes a tragedy, I feel like we’re mutants or something like Hancock or the Avengers or Do Min Joon or Christian Grey. Jk. Hahaha. #SuperAtenistas #BuwisBuhay #ParaSaAttendanceAtGrade”

As of now, I am not aware if there are latest announcements from the school government if night classes are called off or not. I hope it’s called off. After all, if shit happens, students will be having hard time in going home. Its not only the students but everyone else who isn't home.

We don't want things to happen again. Its a good thing everything is fine as of now. Hoping everything would still be fine after this.

A word from my Psychology professor: "The mind should be stronger than the heart"

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