Single the 14th

7:46 PM

How I, as an individual, spent the loveliest day of the world?

The original plan of the group was to have a lunch date on a fancy restaurant on the weekend but as expected, everyone can't make due to some excuses. Of course as single, we understand that (although I felt bad about it but there's nothing we can do), that day was meant for lovers (romantic type of love with the over rated flowers. chocolates, balloons and watever shit it is with red and pink ribbon and designs). So, from a total number of almost 20 people to spend that day with, ends up only 5 made it. That is me, Louise, Cristialyn, Krizel and Mud.
First of, I looked for an outfit for VaLENTines day and so, I ended up wearing a monochrome outfit, Why? What's so bad about wearing black? Black is def not sad. Black is beautiful. Even hearts' day can't stop me from wearing black. Plus, I just realized, its the color of my heart? Hahaha

If you ask who's my Valentino? Well.. Its none other than him.

I went to town at 2 o'clock in the afternoon since the plan of watching Fifty Shades of Grey (FSOG) is on its 2nd screening which is at 3 but so sad that we were not able to join the batch due to there was a very long line that's why ended up watching the 3rd screening at 5:30. It was a life or death situation because my and I are supposedly going to eat dinner together but, I went home late enough that they were not able to wait for me. That's why instead of eating alone, I didn't eat supper. I don't want that lonely feeling.
I thought the night is about to end but..there was an invitation for #SingleAwarenessNight that's why I went and everything is history.

So that's my Valentines. No flowers (Hindi ako mukhang puntod, tindera, tinik at paso haha), no chocolates, no balloons, no letters or cards, no presents. Just pure love of friendship and fun which is priceless and ofcourse that doesn't only happen once a year. Beat that couples! Hahaha

- X O X O -

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