Nothing fancy, I’m just trying to blog / write my digital book.

I am not really an author material since I am not really good at writing so I decided to put up this blog since Kathleen-style of writing is my passion. Also, I like dressing up, playing with make-up, taking photos and playing with html codes so that explains why I enjoy blogging. It gives me something to work on and it pushes me to upgrade to the next level. I share what I love because I can.

STYLE is someone's (a person's) way of thinking and way of doing things. I do believe that everyone has their own style, so am I. My style is a bit different than of the usual. It may not catch the taste of everyone, maybe of the majority also, but that’s not important. My style defines ME. Also, I don’t stick to one style. I change as much as possible. I cannot stay constant. Constant is not interesting, constant gets boring. 

PS: I don’t wear expensive clothes. Be Yourself, Stop trying to be anybody else. 
Explore, Discover and Learn instead of Copy-Paste.

Love, Kathleen

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