FLAHKX Bonding

11:08 PM

A date to remember ----> May 26, 2014

For other people, its just the ordinary holiday. Although honestly, I don't know what holiday it really is. But who cares? Its not important to me. What's important is I will be bonding with my sisters again! Yes, my sisters, my FLAHKX :)

Earlier that day, I posted a throwback! photo on Instagram
I should have captioned it "See you later" but yeah, nvm

The original plan was to have lunch or let's say "brunch", since we're not used to waking up early especially during break, 11AM at Greenwich Camins. But what happened was they (Katrina, Fatima, Floyd) went to Greenwich i think at 1PM? Then followed by Xandy, then followed by Azizah then ofcourse, last but not the list, Me.

So after that, we went to I heart(love) milktea. Its our first time there, actually. So we changed our seats like 3 times? Hahaha and we were like the noisiest group in that milk tea house! But we really had fun there. Also, I made an additional collection of my fail moments in that place -.- It was really embarrassing but yeah, itawa ko nalang! =))

After the milktea, we rode a jeep going town and we walked from town to Paseo del Mar. Wow, really tiring but worth it cause it was a fun walk tho. Then atlast, we arrived at our destination! =)) Ginawa namen dun? Simple lang, chikahan. Also, the F's (Fat & Floyd) were able to meet Kat's (Katrina) boyfriend; Ralph. We stayed there until 6PM.

Then we proceed to Kape Zambo at Canelar!

The night before (Sunday Night / May 25, 2014), Xandy sent us a group message "Guys free kayo 7:30-9:00? :)" We asked her why, anong meron? She said "Wala lang. Bastaa. Hindi "ipakita" basta something lang." and we were really intrigued by her surprise to the point na sabi namen "Ay waley yang surprise ni Xandy" 
[end of flashback]

Xandy didn't fail to amuse us. It was the Open Mic Monday event by Toko Productions at Kape Zambo. It was like a night of sharing. They let the customers/audience participate since they don't have a band to perform that night. We were entertained, super! 

Xandy made a poem entitled "FLAHKX" it was actually a poem about our friendship :"> It was really sweet of her. We really appreciated it! <3 Hahaha sobra! Then after that, comedy night! Ayoko pa sana umuwi but my dad came. So, buhbye already. I hope may next time pa =(


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