Sunday Jog

12:39 PM

Late afternoon jog with these sexy ladies

It was actually Floyd and Celine who planned to jog to Murok that Sunday afternoon and they invited the rest of the gang but only few made it. The plan was at 3:30 PM, we should be on our way Pasonanca (Samantha's house) so that we could start by 4 PM. But since we're Filpinos, we were on our way at 4 PM then started to jog by 5 and then they ended at 8 PM. Yes, THEY (Floyd, Celine, Angeline, Julius and Angelo) they were the only ones who made to the top and the four of us (Me, Sam, Candice and Louise) hahaha, nevermind. We died right after we passed  the first bridge.

After the jog, we ate at the isawan. Spent an hour there then walked down to Y to look for tricycle. Ended up parents got at me, can't blame them, I was out for four consecutive nights!

- X O X O -

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