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You have no idea how many times I've had changed outfit then just end up wearing this.

This is the “may masuot lang” outfit. I think I've changed more than 5 times then just end up wearing a black plain tee and a skirt. This outfit looks really casual and I think it is under the preppy style. Its been a long time since I wore a cutie cutie peg outfit. that's why wearing this made me feel like "What the heck am I wearing? Do I even look like a presentable human being in this outfit?" 

Titled this outfit "PEPPY" because its close to "Preppy" plus, I remembered Eya of Diary ng Panget. This is what her best friend Chad calls her. 'Peppy' came from the word 'Pepper Spray'. The story goes like this.. Chad and Eya was in a bar then Chad was doing a prank with Eya. Eya got scared then she almost sprayed Chad with thepepper spray. Cute right? But I'm not sure if the story was exactly like that. Poor memory hahaha

But yeah, so far this outfit is comfy and girly.

-  X O X O -

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