Aaliyah at 20.

9:35 PM

Happy happy birthday to 'My Aaliyah' Alam mong love na love kita. Whatever you do, i'm here to support you and help you, andito lang ako sa tabi mo like our TTH days. Masaya ako kasi alam kong masaya ka. 
Happy 20th, I love you Lilybels! 

The group prepared a surprise for Aaliyah. We gave her 20 balloons and a birthday cake. We bought the needed material late in the afternoon ( I think around 5 PM ) then we gathered at 4JAY'S to prepare to go to Aaliyah's. We rode motorcycle on our way to Aaliyah's and guess the struggle we went through on our way. Hahaha I jumped off the motor just to save one balloon #buwisbuhay

We were happy that the surprise was a success. We made Aaliyah happy. We took photos, sang birthday song for her, had our dinner, played cards and laugh then we went home. That was an awesome night. Thank you Liyah! You're birth was a gift to everyone. We love you!

- X O X O -

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