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Chichirichitchi Dora! Chichirichitchi Dora! Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer!

It was a plain boring Saturday where I decided to stay at home because I assumed I was grounded. Well, to get rid of the boredom the first I did was to put on make-up. When the make-up was all done, I decided to do a haul shoot for my new in shorts to be posted here on my blog then I decided, why not do an outfit shoot? Then tada! This was the outcome.

Okay so this shortpants was one of my January new ins. Actually, I have a shirt but I’ll another haul-slash-outfit post for that one. So, this shortpants is from Oxygen mom bought it because they’re on Sale! She bought it 50% off! An opportunity like this? Ha, mom doesn’t let it pass. Okay, so I matched this black with ‘PUNK’ prints shorts with a plain white tee because I don’t want to overdo this look, the ‘PUNK’ print is enough. Also, I went for a more ‘basic’ look and to contrast each other’s colors. For the shoes, I just wanted to wear this Rusty Sports rubber shoes-like-sandals because I want to be comfy. Any white big shoes is good with this outfit or black boots.

I just felt like the modern and less annoying Dora in this outfit. So that’s it.

- X O X O -

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