Officially Benteen

6:35 PM

My 20th birthday is unlike my other birthdays where we just celebrate it at home. This time, we spent it out of town. I like it better this way than celebrating it at home since I'm not really a fan of parties.
To start it off, we started to travel the day before my birthday, going to my mom's province because they (mom & her high school classmates) celebrated their reunion. That was 4 hours of road trip and guess how I spent my last day of being 19, I was asleep all day. Just as how I planned it to be. Hahaha! I didn't even wait for the clock to strike twelve because I was tired and sleepy.
On my 20th we woke up early and had noodles as breakfast then we went to the cemetery and visited my late grandpa then we traveled again from the province going to Dakak. That's another 4 hours. I really enjoyed it since its my first time to celebrate my birthday this way. We had our lunch at Dipolog's Chicken Ati-Atihan then me and my sisters walked from the restaurant going to the city's (Dipolog) mall which looks way better than of our own malls in the city *slow clap* then we headed to the beach resort (which is another 1 hour of road travel).
The trip was very tiring that when we arrived on our destination, we just wanted to get a room right away and rest for a while but that didn't happen since we waited for almost an hour just to finish the checking in process. Ugh! That wasted our time tho, so when we received the key of our room we immediately put our things inside, rest for more or less 15 minutes then prepared for our day on the beach.

We took lots and lots of photos while the sun is up then we swam at the pool by night.
After quite some time, we had our eat-all-you-can buffet slash my birthday dinner.
Then went back to our room to shower and prepared for Fantasy Land. Honestly, I didn't expect that place to be that nice. It was like a mini Enchanted Kingdom. There were lots of rides and there were the horror house. On that night (April 18), Fantasyland celebrated the Festival of Colors where  there are wonderful performance and a parade of characters and representations. After the parade they have fireworks! It was simple but its better than nothing. I think the program lasted for an hour then after that, the rides & horror house opened.
I didn't ride most of them since I was not in the mood for adrenaline rush that night. (For short, I wasn't in the mood) They have extreme rides like the Galleon (boat swing) & Wimerman (roller coaster) but I didn't dare to ride them and I just went on the kiddie ride. Hahaha chill lang! I also tried the Bull Ride and guess what? I didn't fall and lasted for 19 seconds. Hurray!

Then we went inside the horror house where I got battered by my mother and sisters. They were all like scared and shouting and all that stuff and I was like meh and shouting ouch. Hahahaha!
The next day, we woke up early for us to be able to enjoy the beach. We had our breakfast buffet together then we rode speed boat and jetski. Ugh! I can't even. It was really fun. I wish I had more time driving the jetski tho. I really want to learn to drive alone. Ugh :( We weren't able to do the zipline and horse back riding but its okay, there's always a next time :)
Then spent 9 hours of road travel from Dakak (Dapitan City) back to the mainland.
That's was really tiring and ass aching.

Thank you for everyone who remembered my birthday and for the effort of greeting me :) I actually did it purpose to hide my birthday on Facebook because I don't want random people greeting me because of Facebook notification but I want my friends to remember it. It means, you guys really love me. Hahaha! :"> Every greetings (calls, text messages, facebook wallposts & messages, twitter, instagram) are appreciated. Thank you guys! :*

- X O X O -

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