Summertime Sadness

2:30 AM

"Its not even Summer, why are they playing Summertime Sadness?" Well it is now that's why they can play that song already and we can dress like Summer too!

When we think of summer outfits, what first comes into our mind are bright colors, short pants and other sexy stuff. But there's more than that like what I did in this post, we can also wear dresses and play with prints that perfectly fit summer and ofcourse, accessories! Look what I've found on my closet, my old white floral dress! Its been I think a year or two since the last time I wore this dress. Now is the perfect time to wear this and matched it with my summer hat and sandals.

A word? As much as possible, try wearing light colored clothes (advisable, wear white) to keep yourself fresh. Also, I'm doing more summer outfit posts (hoping that I won't get lazy haha) since this is my first Summer break after 4 years in college. Hahaha!


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