Summer Staycation

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We all are excited for Summer but not everyone can afford a vacation because not everyone is good at saving, especially me haha. So this year, I’ve got no summer classes and no out of town trip with family and friends. Sure thinking about how to spend summer at home will be boring, but not now. I’m changing it this year! I’ll make 2015’s Summer Staycation a fun one!

As what Google says, Staycation is “a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.” As I was raised by strict parents who, as much as possible, want me and my sisters to stay at home all the time. That’s why I’m so good at staycation. So, I’m going to share some of what I read from Manila Bulletin’s 10 activities for staycation and my lame ideas of how to make staycation a fun and enjoy one. 

This is so usual because we do this every once in a while. But why not watch movie with family and friends? It would be so much fun! Connect that movie at the living room’s television and turn up the speakers. Make sure you’ll not disturb your neighbours or invite them as well! This is one of the cheapest bonding moments you can do from Manila Bulletin. Download your favorite movies and series (horror, comedy, romance, American, Asian or Filipino). Make a nice set up by putting some clean carpet on the floor and add some pillows. Also, don’t forget your Movie snacks! Buy a pack of popcorn or box(es) of Pizza!

Pack up your sleeping bags and tent, create a bonfire and grab a couple of flashlights and lawn chairs. No one is allowed to be at the house except when using the bathroom. Leave all your gadgets behind and organize some real games and tell ghost stories. Prepare your marshmallow!

We all need to get pampered and relax from all the stress. It’s a good thing that we have lots of good spas and salons in the city. Get a new look, get a massage, get your nails done, get a foot spa, get rid of the unwanted body and etc. Got no enough money? Not a problem, you can always do it yourself or let your best friend or sister do it for you and vice versa.

I’ve always wanted to do this. Spend a day getting to know the city I live in. Visit the churches, museums, historical sites, landmarks and use the local transportation. I would really want to do this Summer. I want to go on a back pack hiking adventure with friends and family going to the falls and mountains in the city. Also, try getting a hotel room in our own city.

 Wanted to cook like a chef? Wanted to play extreme sports? Wanted to learn how to paint? Wanted to learn how to drive? There are places around the city offer most courses we are interested in whether short cooking or baking courses, rock climbing, art and driving classes. (c) Manila Bulletin.

Surely, there are nearby beach and pool resorts nearby your place or city? Why not go for it and unwind with your family and friends? With the fresh air, beautiful sight, good food and great company. Surely, your travel is worth it!

Can’t go to the beach? Then why not bring the destination at home? It can be fun too! Throw a beach “themed” party at your back yard. Got no pool? Then borrow the artificial kiddie pool, inflate and fill it water. Prepare your sound system and party songs. Also, don’t forget the food and cocktails! PS: Got a friend with pickup truck? You can also fill it with water just put a cover up!

It is never too late for you to get fit! Just because summer has already started, doesn't mean your late to get your summer bod too! Why not prepare for your fit body for the school comeback? Aye?

Go for a drive with the people who are really fun to be with. Turn up the volume of your car's speakers and bang all the way. Turn off your aircon and open the windows. Go for a drive on somewhere with fresh air and feel the breeze.

This is what I've been doing almost everyday this summer break (as you observed my ig posts). I am having fun thinking of something new and experimenting on food. Food slash meal decoration and presentation is fun.


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