Is it Summer yet?

10:00 AM

Summer is finally in but it doesn't mean I have to wave goodbye to wearing Black, right?
Welcoming the first Sunday of Summer by wearing this outfit. As observed, I've been wearing monochrome inspired outfit which means I'm into white and black. But since its summer, I have to add some colors when it comes to my outfit. Maybe something bright? Something that describes summer? I'll have to adjust to that (chars) later on, since its not yet a hundred percent summer for me cause there are still school works that are still chasing me. Huhu!

How did I come up with this outfit? Well the usual routine.. I stand up infront of my closet and looked for a piece that would give me an idea of how to mix and match it. Luckily, I found this old skirt of mine. I matched it with this teal colored blouse because the skirt has a little teal on the feather pattern and since my style is to match the colors of my outfit, I matched it with my old teal flats and black purse.


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