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Summer heat are almost felt in the country as seen on the national television news, some of the country's major rice fields are drying up. This means that our skin is not excused from the heat of the Sun.
 Remember honey, umbrella itself is not enough protection from the sun's heat that's why I'm sharing my skin care products that keep my skin moisturized and protected from the major heat of the Sun.

I divided the products into two groups which are the #TeamMoisture and #TeamSunProtection
My #TeamMoisture includes my soap which I used everyday to keep my skin moisturized, moisturizing creme which I use on my my face and body sometimes whenever I feel a part of my skin is irritated because of dryness, my body lotion from Avon naturals which I used on my arms, legs and torso and my hand lotion from Myra-E which is always in my bag.
My #TeamSunProtection are from Nivea and Suncelle. These babies are very important because our skin can be harmed by constant sun exposure whether you see a burn or not. Accordingly, sunburn is an immediate reaction but damage from the sun occurs over a lifetime. Sunscreens reduces skin damages from the sun.

I am not really an expert about this skin care stuff but I am just sharing how I keep my skin moisturized and protected from the heat of the Sun. I hope this post is helpful :)

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