June 2012 Haul

6:45 PM

I observed that I had an increasing number of new stuff in my room. Especially in my closet. Before we went to Manila, mom bought me something. When we were in Manila, we did shopping. When my sister arrived from California, she bought something for me. After that.. I am not expecting new things anymore, but mom had a seminar at Manila and bought something for us.

Before we left to Manila, mom bought me a Violet Floral Kimono top, Floral dress and a Peach Lace skirt. The Violet Kimono was bought at the boutique at Plaza del Pilar, Zamboanga City. And the two, I didn't know what store mom bought it. Cause she just gave it to me when she arrived home :3
Next would be the stuff we bought in Manila and what my sister bought for me on USA :3 
What did my sister bought for me? She bought White Floral Sheer, Skirt and Bikinis. I was really not expecting that she'll buy a bikini for me. Like Wtf? =))) But yea, I was able to use that on Dusit. :)
Since Auntie Lalaine brought our Family at MOA, She also bought an Aztec printed top for at Tomato :3
And for the rest..
And because its June! Time for school shopping!! :) And yes, I chose a hard and pink covered notebook and binder.
Stuff from MNL. But this time, its a Pasalubong from Momma! :D Haha.
Uhmmm. Too much stuff. No shopping for how many months again :(

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