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10:36 PM

Since we werent able to shop for school stuff(s) that day and since my parents went somewhere. Like an outing or like a party at the new resort at Talisayan.. Me and my sister just stayed at home, the whole day.. And because i'm soo bored, I started curling my hair, putting make-up on my face and getting clothes in my closet and tadaa! Mix and matching all the way.

 Soo.. In this look, I wore my very first top with an Aztec inspired print and colors. Yes, it is stripes but I really can't call it a pure Aztec printed top. I matched it Plaid printed shorts, and black shoes. Didn't wear hand accessories, earrings and necklaces to keep this look simple. Loljk! I really forgot to wear them :( Also used a brown sling bag :3

Notice that this look really looks so simple and common. I knoww. Someday, I want to wear something like this in our school or somewhere in town and not being judged by people around me. People in our city are ignorant. That's why when someone wears shorts, skirts, sleeveless or something nice, they will really look at that person and judge them all the way. Pweh!
Top - Unica // Shorts - Penshoppe // Shoes - Juice // Sunglasses - Rayban
About the bag, well we only bought it from UK. Y'know, Ukay-ukay :))

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