Goodbye MNL!

1:34 AM

Our last day in Manila was June 12, 2012. Before leaving the hotel, mom and I decided to swim in Dusit's swimming pool. And I was really forced to wear the bikini that my sister bought from US. @@ I FUCKING FEEL LIKE A MUSHROOM AND I JUST WANT TO DISAPPEAR. Moving on, its okay because there are only few people there on the swimming pool area. But still, i'm not comfortable. Good thing, my tummy is not that flabby because I didn't took yet my breakfast. So yes, kinda flat :3

After swimming, we went back to our room. We have a difficulty pa nga going back there cause mom used the keycard wrong. That's why. Then we get ready and pack up our things. Then before checking out, we went to SM and bought some stuff and Krispy Kreme. So yea, me and my sisters were lost there and can't our parents. Soo, we went back to hotel instead. Its a walking distance! Haha! Then.. After resting for how many minutes, time to say goodbye to Dusit :( Ajuju. I'll miss that hotel really.

Then went to airport and stayed there for like 2-3 hours before our flight back to Zamboanga City! :3

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