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June 9, my sister arrived from California. We had our brunch at Max's at Robinsons. After eating, mom said that we'll go to UP and we need to ride MRT.  Its my first time to ride MRT. At first, I thought I'm not gonna like riding MRT. But I enjoyed it. Haha! Nasanay na kase. Then we went to UP cause my sister is doing something about her files. So we stayed and waited there for like 3 hours. Ang ganda pala ng UP. Ang laki ng place ee. Gusto ko talaga bumalik dun then iTour yung buong school :) Then went to MOA. Again. We ride an MRT then bumaba sa Taft Avenue station which is the most "magulong" staion na binabaan namen. Then we had our merienda at Swensens (Icecream Parlor) After eating our ice creams, we went to Department store. There, mom bought me a bag and pair of shoes. After that, we went back to the hotel. Oh, and we had our dinner at 12midnight and bought chicken at MiniStop. Yummy! :">
On June 10, we woke up early cause we have somewhere to go to. Somewhere quite far from Manila. So, we ride MRT again then took off at Taft Avenue Station, from there we ride a LRT. My first time. And took off at United Nations Station. That's the first time I saw the building of La Salle University! I really thought the building is gray or green, but its White. Coooool B) So, we met with our Uncle Fernando to bring us at Pampanga. Since we haven't ate for our breakfast yet, we stopped somewhere to eat. And we decided to eat at Jollibee. :)

From there, we head to Marquee Mall to met with our cousins. Just exchange cars though. So we're now divided in two groups. Teenies and the Adults. Haha! Then we travelled an hour going to Subic. Sa kabundok bundukan pa kame dumaan, sa dalampasigan lang naman rin ang bagsak. Haha! So what we did there was look at the fishes at the aquariums, watch sea lion show, watch dolphin show and the wild stuff show. The animals are soooo amazing! Intelligent, really. Also, I salute the trainers and their accent :))

Because mom wants to shop at Duty Free, we left earlier at Subic. Lol! Its my first to go inside Duty Free. And its a very big place pala. Haha! I really thought na chocolates yung bibilhin namen. But mom bought lots of Revlon Hairdye -_______- and towels. I asked her why she bought towels, she said "because its buy 1 take 1" -________________- Whatever! After there, we went to SM City Clark, Mom bought me a Aztec printed top there! Yey! Haha! Then had dinner at Side Griller Restaurant. After that, we ride a bus going back to Manila.

June 11, we checked out at Go Hotel and checked in at Dusit Thani Hotel. Its like a Thai or Singaporean hotel. I don't know. But damn, its sooooo.. Nice :) Its a 5 star hotel. Hahaha! Actually, we didn't pay that much because we used the free accomodation from my mom's membership on that hotel. I really wanna live there :( So, after enjoying our room, we went to SM Makati for our lunch. After eating, we went shopping at Forever 21! :) Mom bought me red dress there. I might use that on my next outfit shoot. Lol! So, after that, we went to Ocean Park somewhere near Luneta Park. Then there, I saw lots of big fishes, stingrays and sharks. I saw crocodiles too :3 Mehe! 

After spending our time watching giant fishes at Ocean Park, we went back to Dusit Thani Hotel. For our dinner, I was expecting us to eat somewhere like in SM or other food chain or restos. But mom asked about her benefit stuff in relation to her membership in that Hotel. And yes, we have a free dinner. And I really thought its going to be fun. But, No. Didn't have fun. Nosebleed ako sa mga pagkain nila dun ee :/ Don't know what to eat. Instead, what I put on my plate is the Paella and the Lechon. And for dessert, I had an ice cream and mallows with chocolate :3 Yummmy! After dinner, the three of us (me and sisters) went back to our room and made a Call Me Maybe cover. Haha! XD

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