First in Manila!

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Honestly, its my first time to go in Manila. That's why i'm really excited to go there. Unfortunately, i'm not a plane girl. If you know what I mean. I really don't like riding planes. Riding planes is my weakness. It really makes me a sick person for the whole day. Lol! So yes, on our flight to Manila, I vomited twice T___T I know its embarrassing. But what I can do? I hate the ambiance inside the plane. Its makes me feel like, I can move a lot. Kasi masikip siya for me. And I think I have this phobia; the fear of masisikip na lugar. Whooo! Reasooooons.

So yes, I was able to use my mom's and my air sickness or litter disposal bag. Haha! As far I know, I can only hold extreme dizziness for only an hour. Once, it exceeds.. Goodluck then, vomit is coming next. As we all know, flight from Manila to Zamboanga or Zamboanga to Manila is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Tanggap ko pa sana if once lang ako sumuka. But twice?! That's super embarrassing x____x

Took a photo of myself after vomiting. Lol! :)) Still looks good, eh? I don't think so. Eyebags are damn visible. @@ Anywho who knows how to remove these bags? C'mon! Share it! :D

Since mom already made a reservation at Go hotel, we're expecting that we can check in right away when we arrived at the hotel. But no. They have this 2pm policy on checking in. It really sucks. Cause we're planning to rest when we arrive at the hotel. But blaaaah! Plans destroyed! Soo, we went to Robinsons Center instead to take our Brunch. Seriously, I was really expecting that we'll eat somewhere that's not here in Zamboanga but instead, we ate at KFC. How's that? -_______-" Fuck!

Okay, so we stayed at Robinsons Dep't store until 1pm then finally checked in at Go hotel. Then, Aunt Lalaine picked us at the hotel and brought us to the Bonifacio Global City or known as The Fort. I really liked the place. Its like the place for rich and famous. Lol! Whatever. Hoping that someday, I can go there to shop and bring my pet dog with me. Hoho! Then Tita Lalaine, brought us at Starbucks! Yeehee! :"> First time babe! Okay, sooo. Not that ignorant na :)

After a quite long walk at The Fort, they brought us next to SM Mall Of Asia. Known as the biggest mall in the Philippines. I was really amaaaaaaaaaaaazed cause the place is so big. Traffic lights inside the mall? Lol! That's fucking awesome! The place is awesome. Its almost complete. Swimming pool nalang kulang. Lol! :)) Auntie Lalaine bought me a Top from Tomato with an Aztec inspired print. Loved it. Then mom bought me a jacket and a pair of shoes at Surplus :) After shopping, we ate at Kenny Rogers. Didn't like the chicken that much. Lol. No offense, KR! Haha! So one thing, I really hate about MOA is the parking lot . Nakakahilo talaga siya. Lol! =))))

We were already heading back to our hotel when we passed by Star City. Then Auntie Lalaine wants to go there. Hahaha! There were lots of cheap stuff there that I really want to buy for my shoots its just that my sister is a big KJ. Like Wtf is wrong with her. So decided not to buy those stuff instead @@ Ajuju. Me, Teegee and my sister went inside the Pirates whatever cave. Where in, I covered my eyes the whole time cause I'm fucking dizzy. Lol! Haha! And i'm a big duchebag too :))

Auntie Lalaine and Teegee :) 
Cousins :) My sister, Teegee and Me

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