Not so Prime.

11:45 PM

Oh-M! This post was supposedly blogged last month (May). But because i'm too lazy and too busy enrolling and enjoying Manila, that's why. ;)

This look was shot last May 26, 2012. I think its a Saturday or Sunday (checks the calendar..) Okay, Saturday. I was bored and did nothing the whole day and moved my date with my friend to another day. That's why I dressed up something that's not too girly nor too boyish. Just neutral. And wear something primary inspired colors.

The blue tank top and the pink & yellow stripes hoodie were bought from Penshoppe. Shoes from Converse. The shorts, I only borrowed it from my sister. Some of my necklaces in the photo are bought by my friends as "pasalubong" and others were found at our accessory bag. Hand accessories, were bought at Mix and Match, same with the earrings. Glasses are of my sisters, bought in the sidewalk. Lol! Yes, its fake :)
Also made a photo collage with the same photos in it but with different colors overlayed on each photo so that it will look like a vintage inspired collage.
More photos at my photoblogg! :)

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