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It may look gross but damn it taste like heaven! This is one of favorite dish that I was able to learn from my friends

This is a Sardine with Egg dish that I learned just a few months ago from my friends. I have a very long vacant time that's why I go home with her on their house and she cooked (or her boyfriend did?) this for our lunch. So much for the story telling, I'll share how this dish is being cooked.

What we need are the following: Sardines, Egg, Onion, Garlic, Cooking oil, Pepper and Salt. Ofcourse the frying pan and ladle. How it is being done? Put cooking oil in the frying pan and heat it. Next, put the garlic and onion and fry it and wait until it changes (but don't burn it!) then put the sardines, heat it for a while and add the egg and mix it. Put it on a plate or bowl and its ready to munch.
I matched the dish with my simple latte (coffee milk) since it was my first meal of the day which is my Brunch.

Try it too! :)


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