Munch Time

11:07 AM

Introducing the cheesy madness one of simple yums of  life by yours truly
I won't make this post too long but share to you guys how I did this simple snack. All we need are bread, quickmelt cheese and cheese spread. You can use any bread you like and slice it the way you want. Followed by applying of cheese spread and then followed by putting the grated quickmelt cheese and using an oven toaster, cook it for 5-10 minutes and tadaaa, ready to eat.
Ofcourse the food has to come with drinks! For this snack, I paired the cheesy madness with Pineapply Juice.
I am not really good at cooking, crash that, I really don't know how to cook but I will still share my food creations and experiments. As observed, this blog is filled with outfit posts and I found it boring already that's why I've decided to come up with a new type of posts and that's about everything else but for now, its about food! I've already shared one of my favorite simple yums that I made myself and there are more to come. I strongly suggest you try it too because the food I create are life changing! Hahahaha


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