Exponent 3

12:44 PM

Wondering why I titled it that way? Just look at the top print then you'll know ;)
Exam week is finally over! But guess what? The stress doesn't end along with that week. There's thesis that gives us hell making it hard for us students to start our summer early. Revisions here, revisions there and waiting for the defense. Hoping that everything will be alright and most especially hoping that we could defend our paper and answer all the questions and all the loopholes found by the panelist. 

On the Friday of the finals' week, I wore this outfit, Its kind of weird actually because I mixed something formal and a sporty one. The first thought when I woke was "I am going to wear that shoes today" then since I don't own any nice pair of jeans, I decided I'll wear black leggings since I can't wear skirt, shorts or dresses inside the school campus. Since I really don't know what to wear, I asked my friend what outfit should I wear to match the shoes, then she said to wear something loose (top) and skinny jeans. And because I don't own any nice blouses or polos, I invaded my mom's closet and tadaaaa! Finally, I have an outfit to pair this top that I've been eyeing a long time ago. Hahaha!

So this is Friday OOTD. Yay or nay?

Top from ZARA

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