Chocolate Drizzle

5:20 PM

Summer and all but I am wearing warmers and I don’t feel strange at all.

The title made this post sound as if it is a dessert or something sweet. Well, sorry to disappoint you my friend cause I ain’t sweet like chocolate and most especially I am not a dessert. Hahaha! I just want to do a little life sharing.. So these past few days since last weekend, I’ve been crazy about Fast and Furious. I know I’m a late bloomer when it comes to this but yeah, those movies drive me crazy. Plus, I really admire how Roman Pearce talks “ha ha ha, really funny *insert straight face*” and it ignites the fire inside me #deep to learn driving and maybe speed up.
PS: I like riding fast cars, fast bicycles.

This outfit is not one of my OOTD but something I consider to wear on a rainy season. Yes, knit and leather. I don’t know but I think I really like pairing them up for a wet weather because I think they are really an effective warmer. I matched this outfit with kicks instead of boots cause I think I overused wearing boots and I just miss wearing ‘em comfy pair.

What do you think about this look? Yay or Nay?
Top - OXYGEN / Skirt - Pink Berry / Shoes - CONVERSE


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