Surviving College: The Preparation

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College is not a joke. Yes, college is fun but stressful as well.
Let me share something about how you will survive your college life.

1) Choose the course / major
Ask yourself first what is it do you want in life? What do you want to be in the future? These questions will help you to choose what major you'll enroll yourself in college. 
Choosing the right major is very important  because it is the reason why you are in college. You must enroll yourself to your desired course/major because this will keep the fire burning. The reason why you are in college will be the one to keep your interest in studying and exerting effort to excel (or atleast pass) and avoid failing. Or shifting.

2. Keep your eyes on the price!
Which means ‘STUDIES FIRST’ than anything, you should prioritize your studies than anything in this world.
Of course as a college student, we should prioritize our studies. So finish all that homework, reading assignments, research and paper works. I know, I know. We hate homeworks! But that's why we're in college right? We don't want to fail any of our subject and retake it. It will cost a lot of money. But it’s not so bad have some fun while keeping your eyes on the price.

3. Own a good notebook and a nice scientific calculator
I don’t know about you but I find writing notes an effective tool in studying. In my years of existence, I rely more on my notes rather than on the books. Notes are more understandable than of the books because you’ve got some arrows here and there going on in the writing lol. Also, your scientific calculator will be your best friend when it comes to whatever mathematics and science subject it is. I recommend not just a simple sci-cal but a natural display one.

4. Own a laptop or PC!
For convenience, having your own laptop or computer is much better than having to go to your school’s computer laboratory, or library or going to internet cafe to be able to finish your home work especially the paper works.

5. Internet is a Must!

I don’t know about you but college life without internet is like being punished. Internet connection is very essential for college students. Aside from the fact that students often communicate with their classmates and professors via internet (social sites and emails), it is also essential for researches.

6. Printer
Well of course, the convenience of having your own printer than of those who have none. In college, you’ll be printing mooooore papers. Reaction paper, case study, analysis paper, research paper, thesis and etc. And its very convenient to have your own printer and just print it right away after you finish your paper rather than, ran to the nearest printing shop in the school and wait for your turn. Imagine the time wasted on waiting.

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