Shades of Red.

10:51 AM

051412 ~ Let's wear something red on a Red Day.

Since we were dismissed early by our Mathematics teacher. When I got home, I decided to do an outfit shoot. Didn't expect that I'm going to end up with this look. Lol. But this is my favorite look so far. Looks so styling, simple yet pleasing in the eyes. Just so you know, this is a "back-to-school" inspired look.

In this look, I didn't have lots of photos cause I was really in a bad mood during the shoot. Everything isn't just right. that's why there's only few photos. @@ But I'm deciding if I should continue doing a remake of this look or not just to have more photos. Still haven't made a final decision about that remake stuff.

So, here are some photos :>

After the short outfit shoot, I had my vanity session again.

More photos at my photoblog

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