90's Teeny Kiddie

11:45 AM

What makes me call this look 90's? Simple, Half recycled. Wearing my father's sweatshirt and soccer socks. These items were supposedly subject for disposal but since I checked the box before disposing them, I get lots of clothes both from my mom and dad. Lol. Maybe they won't use it anymore. But I can still use these clothes and some other stuff. Haha!

With all the clothing and accessories used in this look, I therefore conclude that this is another back-to-school inspired outfit look. This look is more of a geeky/nerdy look with all the eyeglasses and socks stuff. But with the sling/handbag and fashion accessories, it made the look more a Nerdy Chic.

 soccer socks with my heels
 sister's glasses and white butterfly earrings
 bottom shot
whole body photos
half body photos

Got tired standing up the entire shoot. I need to sit down. Hahaha! :))
More photos at my photoblog :)

Wasn't able to find my sister's camera that's why we used a cellphone to take this photos. Low quality again.

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