A Whole New Look.

2:49 AM

My Tumblog :)
This is it. This is the new look of my blog. New theme, new background image, new blog photo, new display image, new url, new title page and new music player.

Na-realize ko na matagal-tagal na rin pala since hindi nagbago ng look ang blog ko. So, this is one of my project this summer. Give my tumblog a new look. People may ask, what's with bunnies and bikinis? Well, for the bunnies.. I found this cute fashion bunnies around someone's blog. And yeah they're so damn cute. For the bikinis, I just want to wear one because its summer but I can't wear bikinis because my skin is damaged by garters of pajamas, shorts and undies. Sucks.

So, I came up with a super duper lame header. ~____________~ Blehh. Gusto ko sana i-edit sa Adobe eh kaso wala naman kameng adobe. Kelangan ko pang humingi sa iba. :/

And for the background, I made the page and used the photos that was left. Yea. Because most of my 2012 photos are gone because my usb was corrupted. -_________________-"
And for my DP on tumblr. Here it is!
Its so cute. I fell inlove with the bunnies :3
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Love, love :*

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