My 18th Birthday :)

8:24 PM

My 18th birthday was on April 18, 2013. As much as I want to celebrate it on that day but I can't because I have summer classes. So I decided to move it on April 20 cause its a Saturday. But the venue was already occupied. And the only vacant day for that week is April 19. And I have no choice but to take it. :)

My debut is only a one month preparation, Believe it or Not. We started talking with the organizer which Kuya Kelvin of CMK Creations on the last week of March 2013. As soon as my Final Exam was done, Me and my sisters started to prepare for the debut. Everyday, we were taking care of some stuff for the debut (invitations, their gowns, practices, and other props for the dance and costumes). Last April 18, I had my pre-debut shoot, thanks to Vista De Lente (Photographers: Mr. Rey Fortuna & Mr. Buen Sotomil) Its really tiring.. Almost everyday I was cussing and told myself "Sana hindi nalang ako nagdebut" 

On April 18..
People started greeting me through Facebook, Twitter and via Text during midnight. I woke up early to attend mass to Thank God :) And there.. Father Francis pour lots of Holy Water on my head for blessings. After that.. People started greeting me "Happy Birthday" even though we don't know each other. Its really overwhelming :"> And since its a Thursday.. I have class. At school, people also greeted me. :"> And what's the best part is that.. My college barkada "TROPA" gave me a birthday cake and also a shirt :3

Unfortunately.. My sister has dengue and was confined at Doctor's hospital. But that didn't stop us from celebrating my birthday.. We celebrated my 18th birthday at room 348 and had a very simple celebration :)

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