032512 / First Sunday of Summer.

12:25 AM

First Sunday of Summer: Let's wear dress for Mass :)

Le Me and Le Outfit.

So, we attended mass at Fort Pilar. The last mass; 6:30-7:30. Yun na nga. Yun na nga lang yung pinaka-late na mass, late pa talaga kame. Us really. So as usual, my mom was only one sitted while the 3 of us were remain standing the whole mass ~.~ How sweet Mom, how sweet. Then after the mass, we seated for a while because there were lots of people lighting candles and stuffs. After that few minutes, we lighted our candles. While walking on our way going out the Fort Pilar.. Mom and Dad talked with some people that me and sister don't know. So.. we're like having a little photoshoot there using mom's phone that's why the photos are Low Quality. Sucks. Then people are looking at us. Like really, what's their problem? -.- They're pissing me off. Then me and my sister start talking and overusing he "Le Me" word.

Moi sister and Le dress.
After le little photoshoot, we went to Paseo and have our dinnar! We ate at Palmeras. Then waited kasi mahaba ang pila. So yeah. Then the food arrived at our table at 8:30.

Chicken Barbeque of Palmeras. Bona Petit!

After eating, we watched Le Puchu-puchu Dancing Fountain @ Paseo. Got some pictures too :)

I know, i know. Photos are low quality.

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