032612 / Le date with Le Fatima

11:24 PM

Le Tuesday..
Le me finished le research paper. Went to school and left it Sir Lahoylahoy's pigeon box. After that, Le me went to Le Guidance Office for Le written exam. After that.. Le me went to KFC and meet with Le Fatima there. Then went to Paseo del Mar cause Fatima wants to see Le Puchu-puchu dancing fountain. But since its still early, the fountain's still sleeping. So what we did is walk and walk and walk and sit near the sea and talk and talk and talk and walk again and eat at Barcode. Le Fatima Le buys food for le both of us. ME GUSTA! :) Mwahahaha. We ate finger foods like Calamares, Cheese sticks and chicken wings. Le me no like le calamares kasi its with vinegar ~.~ Ugh! Le me no like le vinegar.

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