032811 / Diziness.

3:08 PM

March 28, 2012. This day is so not productive.
 I woke up @2pm. Took my brunch, look at my Management grade. Unfortunately, I failed. Fuck! I only got 1.0 T________________T For us to pass, we need a grade of 1.5. Sakit ee. Sooo, since it blacked out @3pm, I have nothing else to do but stay in the room, lie down, draw, and tried another make up look? Yes, yes. I'm trying to do the cat eyes look of Angelina Jolie, and yes I failed. I failed in the eyeliner part. Cause my eyes are too fat ~.~ I failed. And ended up looking like Kim Kardasian's make up. Yay! But in the end I still love the look :)

So, about the day.. It was kind of lazy and sleepy day for me. I slept for 11 or 12 hours, I think? Then.. Pagbalik ng kuryente, I realized I can't get out of bed because i'm too dizzy. Like for real. Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy. It sucked! I don't know why it happened. O____________o So.. I stayed at the bed, take my dinner on the bed and then have a half bath. Then go back to bed. And net all night till 4am. Only watching nigahiga and kevjumba's videos :) That's kinda entertaining cause le videos are funny. :) Still, the dizziness didn't left me until I woke up.

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