30th of the Last Month of 2012.

6:51 PM

So mom woke me up this day and showed what she bought. Its a skort! ^___^ Actually, the brown was the one for me. But I like the cream one more. Idon'tknow. Its so cute. So.. I'm going to give the brown one to my sister since her black shorts didn't fit her. Haha! The cream one's MINE! Mwahahaha!

 Outfit OThe Day

Actually, I'm really not in the mood to dress up this day. Laziness Alert! So yeah, I was already wearing a shirt when mom saw it.. she said.. "Ang dami mong blouse, bakit ka nag t-shirt?" So.. Change top! And I chose this one. -_- Err! So bawal mag t-shirt pag magsisimba? Err!

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