January 17.

12:39 AM

Wansapanataym, I opened my sister's closet and look something Pink. And I found this simple Pink with Violet Floral Lace Dress.

Who would have thought that a simple floral lace dress will look this elegant when you match it with a lace blazer and heels? Well, a simple dress will make us look sexier when we match it heels. I think everyone knows that right? And to make it look more formal? Just add a blazer. Luckily, my sister have this Black Lace Blazer.

About the bag.. Its my moms ^___^v

Just so you know? That dress that I'm wearing in these photos are just my sister's sleeping outfit. And I thought that this dress will look great in heels. So, what do you think? :)

Oh curls, How I wish you were permanent :(

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