January 01

12:22 AM

Since I was lazy back then. So lazy to blog, and it took me how many weeks just to gain that energy to blog. Still feelin' lazy.

Since its the first day of the year, I decided to wear something GIRLY
Because we have that belief of "lihi" I was just trying baka effective. Eh di whole year akong girl girl manamit. *o*

Going back.. I decided to wear this Floral dress for the first time (outdoor) But since I got this super long legs, I need to put something to cover my legs. And the only thing we got here is leggings. BAKIT KASI WALA KAMENG BLACK STOCKINGS EE. MAS MAGANDA ATA -_- Aysh! Anyway.. I matched it with Red Belt and Red Wedge.

Simple white accessories just to match with the white dress. Its awesome how my accessories (bracelets, belt and shoes) matched my dress and how the leggings ruined the look. Err! -.-

Well, even I don't want to, I have to put make-up on my face. Or else, like mom said I'll look like a "muchacha" -_- Kfine! But since I don't like wearing heavy make-up, just put powder, blush on, lipstick and liptint ^o^

Photos with the Fambam *o*

In the afternoon.. Its just a moment of boredom. I opened MY SISTER's closet and look for her Orange Skirt and matched it with the White Blouse that mom gave me. To make it more sexy, I used mom's Brown highwaist belt to make it look Peplum-ish. And also borrowed my sister's wedge. SEE?! I LIKE BORROWING STUFF! Hahahaha.

The hairflip thing is a "Sosy Problem" inspired act. Hahahaha. None lang. Trip ko lang :)) Gusto ko kasi panoorin pero wala ni isa sa mga FLAHKX ang gusto yang panoorin. So, K! -.-

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