A new beginning.

12:33 AM

I've been planning to delete this blog and start a new one. I really don't know why.. Ok, maybe because its too crappy, like the blogger. Haha! Its just that.. I'm not a good blogger -.- But on the second thought, sayang naman kung idedelete ko lang agad lahat ng previous posts ko. Masasayang effort ko sa pag type at upload ng sandamakmak ng pictures. Right?

Since I don't have the courage to delete the previous posts. Hihi :))

Well, I posted lots of photos already. Most of them are outfit posts and obviously I'M NOT A F-A-S-H-I-O-N-ista. Definitely not. Mapapansin naman talaga e! Well, I admit it, I tried to be one.. but.. ugh! THAT'S JUST NOT ME. I know and I already accepted it that I don't have that kind of "GIFT" like what other fashion bloggers have. Well, I'll just be me and i'll post here my PLAYTIME PHOTOS \^o^/ I'm just a camwhore who gets bored and who loves to play A Lot. Yes, A LOT. I play with clothes, with make-ups, with photographs and other stuff!

Oh, before I forgot! In addition, I don't own most of the clothes used on my photos (previous and upcoming) Most of them are owned by my sisters and mom. Haha! Poor me. I haz lots of ugley clothes. They haz lots of nice clothes ^o^

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