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On the movie 'Pitch Perfect' it is obvious that the 'old' Barden Bella uniform is similar to a flight attendant uniform. Right? And since I've been addicted to the Barden Bella's Performance (The Sign/Eternal Flame/Turn the beat around) I made a look which is close to a flight attendant's uniform ^_^

Look 13: Flight Attendant inspired?

Look 13: Flight Attendant inspired? by kathclemente featuring a checkered belt

The first thing, I chose in this outfit is the skirt. I looked for a body fit/bandage skirt. Its similar to the pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are more formal but bandage skirts are sexier. Agree? So after that, the next thing I looked for is the Top. I was looking for something that has collar. Well, the one I chose is perfect for me. Aside from the Peter Pan collar style (last year's trend), it is a Peplum style; which is a trend. Just added a belt just to add more detail.

Since its more of a formal look, Blazer is not a must especially when the weather is Sunny. Its okay if you'll still wear a blazer on a Sunny day, just expect you'll end up so wet with all your sweat. Okay, for the blazer, I chose the one with black and white prints, it matches the top's color and in addition, the whole outfit is still plain that's I gotta add some prints. Well, there's something going on in the skirt, but its not that visible from afar.

I really love Yellow when it comes to shoes especially pumps cause it easily caught people's attention. Yellow Pumps is cute, elegant and beautiful. Also used this color to contrast what going on, on the clothes. For the clutch, I used Yellow too just to pair with the shoes. I love it when the shoes and the clutch/bag's color are the same ;)

Jersey top

Ted Baker houndstooth jacket
$160 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Tulip skirt

Checkered belt
$7.89 - missrebel.co.uk

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