Bella wanna be

6:01 PM

Top bought at Ukay-ukay
Skirt found in a box
Shoes from Rusty Lopez

I don't know how I ended up with this look. All I know is that, I was just planning to wear the skort. Yeh babe, its a skort! I didn't know that until I wore it. How cool right? B) Then I just paired it with a White sexy polo and matched it with a black heels. 

I asked my sister what can she say about my look, she said it looks like a formal attire like the ones used inside the office. On the other hand, she also said that, this can be wore during Sunday masses. And because I feel like being Pitch Perfect's Barden Bella, I added a scarf and tied it on my neck. I AM NOW PART OF BARDEN BELLAS! :"> Hahaha!. Stupid me :))

I saw the sign! Haha! I really feel like a Barden Bella :))

Honestly, I filmed myself earlier dancing the Barden Bella's Regionals Performance and it didn't went great and I look like a stupid Elephant Pig who's trying to be one of them Hot Bellas. Whatever! Stupid me. Free to laugh! :))
Thanks for reading!

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