February 05.

5:46 PM

Wondering why I have too much time this day? Well, Actually I don't have Soan class and since I am really not in the mood to go to school, I didn't attend my RS class. I don't want to report. Let my groupmates think for the report. Haha! I did my part already and they weren't listening to me. So be it. I wonder what happened to our report :)) Nah, sir is too good to give low grade for our awesome drawing ^o^

I decided to stay at home cause I don't have any friends to be with at school aside from the couple (Hanna and Zac) Let them have their private time ^o^ I did a couple of drawing again just to waste some time and energy in the morning ^o^

First, I drew the one at the right. The all blue outfit. I was trying to draw my OOTD last Sunday, February 3. Then I drew the girl with the Ombre Red hair ^o^ I really want to color my hair Red and a highlight a little part of my hair at blonde and also blonde ombre :) I

More photos of my drawing :)

At the afternoon, I did an outfit shoot again! ^o^ I ended up with this formal outfit and a simple outfit wearing only a Little Black Dress ^_^ 

This photo is just a teaser of my two outfit shoots. Hohoho! I named it Everything BRANDLESS because the clothes aren't branded. They are clothes bought from Ukay-ukay and found in the box. Wait for the next posts about these outfits. Yes, posts. I am going to make a separate posts for each outfit. Ciao! :D

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