My beauty regimen/routine?

2:04 PM

Someone asked me on my "What is your beauty regimen/routine before leaving the house?" Well honestly, I'm not the type of girl who likes putting on make-up on her face on ordinary days. As much as possible, I wouldn't put make-up on my face until one of my friends tell me I look haggard. Nah, I only use pressed powder and lip&cheek tint. Wondering if why don't I wear make-up everyday? Actually, there's a lot of reasons why.. 

First thing's first, I'm living in the Philippines which is a tropical country which means its hot in here, we only have two weather types here Sunny and Rainy and 99% of the year is Sunny. Plus, I'm a sweaty type of person it means the make-up will just melt and I'm too lazy to do some retouch. As much as I don't want to sweat, well I can't do anything, I can't control it and piss me everyday of my life cause I don't know what to do to prevent it. 

Second, wearing make-up makes me feel conscious and uncomfortable. I don't know but whenever I put make-up, people will stare like they're saying "Why is she wearing make-up?" or something else.

Third, I want to look natural and I want to have different looks. Well, I have my own natural beauty why not let people see it, right? Although I know, I'm uglier without make-up but that's me, the real me. Why should I cover it with make-up, right? Yeah, and I want to look differently. You know it surprises people. I have this kind of thought that, whenever i'm in school I look ordinary, but when I'm at parties, I LOOK DIFFERENT! You guys understand it? Whenever I see girl wearing heavy make-up everyday and I see them at parties, Its like there's no difference and there's nothing special anymore. 

Well honestly, I only put make-up on Sundays because mom wants me to. Well, she said so that, I won't look like their slave. Psh. I hate it -_- For my beauty regimen during Sundays, I only put powder foundation from Natasha's Fanny Serrano. For my cheeks and lips, I put Ever Bilena's lip & cheek tint. And to make my lips look more red, I used Revlon's lipstick (Red) Light make-up makes me look really pretty and elegant :) 

Wondering why I'm not using liquid or pencil eyeliner and mascara? I usually rub my eyes. So, just to be safe, I don't use it on ordinary days. Only wearing it on parties and some shoots :)

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