February 02

7:33 PM

Saturdays never fails to bore me. So, its another Saturday eh? Didn't notice that (sarcastic) So, how it all started? 

Once upon a Saturday there was a bored girl named Kathleen. She was lying on her bed and she noticed a paper bag at the bottom of her bottom. She opened it and saw her Majorette hat and etc. And.. suddenly this story telling is lame =))) Hahaha! So that's it, after I saw my majorette accessories way back in my grade school years, I looked for my boots and the uniform.

My majorette uniform/dress was inside the box. Then found out that it was with my Childhood clothes. Gah! They're so adorable! I WANNA WEAR THEM AGAIN! They're just too small for my sexy body. Haha! :)) Actually, I want someone to model for my dress. But, I don't have a younger sister or we don't have a girl kid here at home. Like i'm the youngest at the house! So that's it. What should I do with them? Should I sell them? But.. to whom? :o

And I want to show my Majorette uniform. Actually, this was the second one. Yes, I have 2 majorette uniform. The first one, I used it from Grade 2 to Grade 4? Since there's no majorette activity when I was in grade 5 because our trainer died :( So, Majorette activity was back on my last year in ICES (Immaculate Conception Elementary School) with a whole new look! :D

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