Its February!

10:37 PM

So what if it's already February? Its just another month of the year. BITTER MUCH? Haha! For inlove people February is.. Most likely, they call it the "love month" which means they should spend.. A LOT =)) You know, especially guys. Buy Roses, Buy Chocolates, Buy Gifts, Spend for dinner and spend for surprises and etc. Well, I used to love February way back in high school. Y'know, its like everybody's excited for the JS Prom. For me, its just.. UGH. Everyone's busy planning what to do for someone. And me? Well, I CAN'T RELATE :))

Since February 1 hits on Friday, it means.. Its a Wash Day!! Well, its nothing special, really. The usual Kathleen look on ordinary day.. Shirt, pants, flats and bag. Although, my bag's different this day! ;)

For my top, I used a simple plain Pink shirt from Jag :)

And it has this print "Jag Jeans" on the right part of the shirt.

For a closer look

See? Told you. There's something different sa bag. I'm really not used to this kind of bag. Like duh! I'm the backpack type of girl. I'm not the shoulder bag type of girl. It doesn't suit me. Haha! Swear. Why did I use this? Nah, I just trying something different. I just want to try if 'keri' kong matagalan gumamit ng ganitong bag

I wasn't able to do an outfit shoot because.. because.. because.. because I had a date with Fatima and Floyd. Good news: Fatima's flight to Manila was moved next week or next next week. I don't know. I'm just happy I spent my 1st day of February with them :"> 

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