Its getting hot eh?

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We can now feel that summer is really coming. Day by day we can feel that the weather is getting hotter and hotter. That's why I'm inspired to make an outfit that fits the weather through polyvore

Its getting hot eh?

Its getting hot eh? by kathclemente featuring vintage eyewear

Dress - For the dress, to feel more refreshing, choose the one made with light clothing to make you feel more fresh and comfortable in a hot and sunny weather. This will help us to avoid sweating too much because of light materials used in the dress, the air will be able to pass inside and makes us feel more refreshing.
  1. Shoes - For the shoes, I used a wedge with nude colors (brown and cream) We can see that the straps of the wedge are different than the usual wedge that we are using from our everyday wedge. For me, this types of wedge really fits and are trending during summer time. It really matches well with the colorful. nude, plain and printed dress.
  2. Bag -  For the bag, I used a brown leather shoulder bag. Wearing a little leather also makes a different statement about the whole look. And.. Leather is beautiful.
  3. Accessories - For the accessories I used a summer hat, arm candies and ofcourse, Sunnies! 
  4. Make-up -  Since its sunny or hot weather, we don't want to use dark and heavy make-up, we only use light colored make-up. Liquid eyeliners are optional.
So what's the use of Ice cream in the look? Nothing, its best thing to eat during summer time ;)

FOSSIL leather shoulder bag
$310 -

Vanzetti bangle bracelet
$23 -

Cole haan


AERIN lip makeup


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