I'm cut.

8:14 PM

Before anything else, there's been a miracle this day. Guess what? Well, I'm not unli the whole day. Again. NOT. UNLI. WHOLE. DAY. Well, when I decided to buy load at cafeteria, the saleslady told me they're not selling load today. Okay fine ^o^ I have no one to text naman.

Actually, the first outfit was with a very big large polo wore over the dress. I didn't know why I wore the red polo. I just think it makes the look different and not just the super plain black and white outfit look. But I didn't like how the polo looked on my photos that's why I decided to remove it.

Dress borrowed from my sister
Red polo borrowed from dad
Leggings borrowed from my sister, Krystelle
Boots bought from Ukay-ukay ;)

I like borrowing stuff. Haha! Its okay, they're my family and I only use their clothes for my outfit posts ^o^
Thanks for reading!
Love love love love love, KathClmnte :*

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