Oh Thursday.

9:26 PM

I would like to start this post by saying that I saw 'him' again. Him like Him; the 'you' of my stupid letter. Haha. Yeah. I saw him. and nothing changed, still the same. I was starstrucked and there were star sparkles all over again. Mehe. My eyes will never get tired of looking at him. I saw him at the stairs, lol. I was going down and he was going up, lol. For short, we passed by each other. I know this is impossible but I was hoping that he turned his head and looked at me for one second. *sigh

*moments of silence.. LOL

Okay so yes, its a Thursday. Which means, I'm with my TTH buddy Aaliyah! :)
After our first class, we had lunch; ate our baon together at the cafeteria. Then went to Mindpro to look for possible gifts cause she's going to attend a debut party this weekend. Since we found nothing, we just bought paddle pops for ourselves. Hoho! After that, we freshen up & beautified ourselves then ready for our next class which is Math. Hihi. Since I'm forever alone after my Math class, I decided to stay at the library. And for the first time, my stay there was productive. I did my accounting assignment which wasn't submitted because our professor was not around. How Cool.

Since mr. accounting professor wasn't around, Zac treated us shawarma at Early Birds, Putik. Hehe! After eating, we did some stupid videos and the table was surrounded with laughter. If you want to watch the videos, you click this.

Friday tomorrow and I haz no class and we are planning to go to cinemas and watch movies! :)
WORLD WAR Z AND 4 SISTERS AND A WEDDING!!! Yeee! Really wanna watch those :">


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